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Winter greens – the “Big Beast” arrives

Ashcombe Park Bowling Club badge

We are now well in to the winter greens maintenance programme. After the scarifying, overseeding and fertilising, the greens have been regularly cut, slit-tined, spiked and had moss killer applied. The weather has not helped, and more action will be taken to get rid of any moss.

In the meantime, the “Big Beast” has been at work. As you can see from the photos, this is not a delicate piece of equipment.

Its purpose is to punch holes approximately 25cm deep into the greens. This allows air to reach the lower levels creating a stronger root growth.

It’s a slow process, as the spikes are punched vertically into the green and have to be removed vertically. The tractor can only move at snails pace to avoid ripping the spikes out of the green.

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