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Umbrella is back!

Re-introducing the famous Ashcombe Park Bowling Club Umbrella.

Corona Virus Precautions

  1. On Arrival please use sanitiser available.
  2. Social Distancing to be maintained AT ALL TIMES. A Greens Warden will be appointed to ensure that distancing is adhered to.
  3. Household Members wishing to play together can be put in opposing teams so will remain together at each end of the rink, if required.
  4. Rinks will be set-up before arrival with all equipment cleaned as per existing guidelines.
  5. Each rink will be responsible for clearing away & cleaning equipment on completion in line with current guidelines.
  6. The draw will be made following arrival, (this will be done in the normal manner but only one person will draw places on your behalf) whilst maintaining Social distancing. This naturally, will require more time to organise so please ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes before start time.
  7. If demand denotes that there will some triples games, one person from each end should stand off the rink whilst not playing, to ensure social distancing is possible on the rinks.
  8. If you need to use the changing rooms, there is a One Female / One Male at a time to be allowed, please collect anything required & change shoes etc outside, please do not wait in the changing room or congregate by the doorway.
  9. Drinks & Snacks (weather permitting) will be available and seating laid out to suit guidelines. Specific guidelines have been set up and agreed with regards to managing the serving of drinks and snacks. These rules are available for inspection upon request.
  10. After play, please use sanitiser available / wash your hands thoroughly.


Ashcombe Park Bowling Club take your wellbeing & safety as a single priority. Every precaution has been put in place and if the guidelines are followed there is very little, if any, risk of spreading the virus in the outside environment.

However, we are all responsible to do our bit to enhance these precautions.

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