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Competition rules and Conditions of Play

For the benefit of Club members still working, a new Sponsor has asked for this new Competition to be played on Sundays (see fixed dates below) and has provided 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed prizes (independent of the Club).

1st Prize = £120; 2nd prize = £51; 3rd prize = £30

The aim of this Competition is to score points by drawing to and Touching the Jack.

Points will be scored in the normal way (i.e., position of bowls with respect to the Jack)

THREE points are added to the team’s score for each Toucher (i.e., striking the Jack as per normal bowls, i.e., chalk.)

Scores for each game are aggregated to decide the 4 highest scoring teams to go into the Final.

This Competition is Open to all club members.

Each team is to

  • consist of 3 team members, (it may be mixed)
  • decide its own composition
  • decide its own name.
  • pay £7.50 (i.e., £2.50 per team member) to play. This fee will go directly into the Club’s bank account.

For each game, 2 team players play as per pairs (3 woods each) and score as per normal bowls; the third member/non-player for this match is the Marker.

As per normal bowls play, the Marker will mark/chalk any bowl which on its original course touches the jack.

All 3 team members’ names are to be recorded on the score card.

When all bowls have been played,

  • the Marker will score the position of the bowls (i.e., 1 point per….) as per normal bowls play,
  • for each bowl with a chalk mark (i.e., Toucher) will be given an additional 3 points.

For each end, the number of Touchers will be recorded on score card.

After 10 ends, the Marker is to

  • confirm the number of Touchers per end, per team
  • countersign each score card
  • place in the box in the Pavilion for the Comp Sec to record (i.e., Steve Jackson).

Team scores (incl. Touchers) are carried forward and added to the result of the previous matches

For their next match, the team players are expected to change positions within the team.

If a team member is unable to play

  • that team member cannot re-join the competition as a substitute for another team
  • on the day, for this match only, the Skip and the Lead of the team will alternate as Markers

If required, the team members must find their own substitute.

The number of matches played will depend on the number of teams entering this Competition.

Anyone wanting to play in this competition must be available on the following dates.

After discussion with Tony Morgan, this competition will be played on the following dates

Sunday 9th May; Sunday 6th June; Sunday 11th July; Sunday 22nd Aug

(Sunday 18th July – this is a reserve date in case of inclement weather, late start due to COVID etc.)

Sunday 19th Sep will be Finals Day

Morning sessions – starting at 1000 hrs and 1130 hrs

Afternoon sessions – starting at 1400 hrs and 1530 hrs

Competition Secretary

Steve Jackson – 07900 147313, 01934 644901

Summer Jackpot rules – pdf file Download

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