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September fixtures

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Date Day Fixture Rinks Played Time Type For Against Diff
1 Thurs Knights v Clarence Golds 6T A 2.30pm M 0
Ladies v Clevedon 3TL A 2.30pm L 0
2 Fri Beechwood B C (Newport) Coach 6mxd A 2.00pm X 0
3 Sat Ashcombe A v Clarence B 3 H 2.30pm M 0
Ashcombe B v Wedmore B 3 H 2.30pm M 0
Ashcombe D v Victoria C 3 A 2.30pm M 0
Ladies County League V Wyrral Park G'bury 3TL H 10.30am L 0
4 Sun Don Stanton Cup All H 2pm X
5 Mon Phyl Hammon All H 10 L
Umbrella All H 6.15pm X
6 Tue Ladies v Wessex 3RL A 2.30pm L 0
Knights v Victoria Vikings 6T H 2.30pm M 0
Templars v Yatton 6T A 2.30pm M 0
7 Wed Crusaders v Isle of Wedmore 6T A 2.30pm M 0
8 Thurs Ladies v Yatton 3RF A 2.30pm L 0
9 Fri Barnwood Tour 10mxd H 2.00pm X 0
10 Sat Bowls Isle of Wight Tour 6 H 1.30pm M 0
11 Sun Pembrokeshire County Tour 6 H 2.00pm M 0
12 Mon Banwell 4mxdT H 2.30pm X 0
Umbrella All H 6.15pm
13 Tue Winscombe Friendly 6 H 2.30pm M 0
14 Wed
15 Thurs Ladies v Winscombe 3TF H 2.30pm L 0
16 Fri
Southey S/F + Final
19 Mon Long Ashton (Friendly for C&D League) 5 A 2.30pm M 0
20 Tue North Petherton 4mxd H 2.30pm X 0
21 Wed Tour to Cheltenham B C A X 0
22 Thurs Memorial Day All H 2.30pm X
23 Fri
24 Sat Closing Day
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