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Greens Maintenance

Updated 3rd December 2020.

Now that the bowling has finished, Avon Sports Ground Maintenance have started the Autumn/Winter greens maintenance work. This follows an agreed schedule of work designed to ensure that the greens are in top condition next season.

20th October

The first step was scarification followed by top dressing, particularly in the mat areas that get the most wear. Scarification was done in two stages – a light scarification which just touched the surface, followed by a deeper, heavier scarification.

Light scarification

Heavy scarification

27th October

The next step was slitting on both greens. This uses a slit tine arrangement that cuts deeper into the green, opening it up and getting air into the root area. You can judge the depth of slitting by looking at the polished area of the tines in the photo. This is something that is only carried out over winter, as doing it in summer runs the risk of the slits opening up into major cracks during dry spells.

23rd November

Have the Martians landed?

No, this is Dave from Avon Sports Ground Maintenance modelling the latest in P.P.E.!

Last week the greens were sprayed with an insecticide, to get rid of the leather-jackets. We were the first club in the area to benefit from the new treatment as the previous one was banned last year by the E.U.

This week saw the greens being sprayed with a fungicide to deal with fusarium (or if you want to be technical, Michrodochium nivale). It’s a fungal growth which is quite common in bowling and golf greens. This treatment, and the insecticide spray, is not something we could do ourselves as the products are restricted and can only be used by those who hold the relevant certificate, and the appropriate protective equipment.

Also today, both greens were deep tined using the impressive equipment you see below.

Just as you would use a garden fork to “spike” your lawn, so the deep tining equipment does the same on our greens. But where you might spike to a depth of about 3″ – 4″, this equipment does it to about 10″, and a lot quicker.

3rd December 2020

Groundsman machine in use

Today saw both greens “spiked”. The purpose of this is to continue the aeration of the surface, to encourage the natural elimination of thatch. The machine used is a Groundsman, which can be fitted with a number of attachments. The one today carried tines which penetrated a few inches into the surface of the green.

It wasn’t the best weather for it – cold and wet, but greens maintenance can’t stop for the weather.

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