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Update 31st December 2020

Two of our members have been busy wielding secateurs and trowels transforming areas of the grounds. They are to be congratulated on the results.

Scroll down to see the latest bit of gardening news.

Update 1. Top Green bushes

Top green bushes pruned

As you can see, Gordon Sansam has been extremely busy pruning the bushes along the fences of the Top Green.

This has taken him several days of hard work, in not ideal conditions, but the result is impressive.

It means that the “gardeners” amongst you will only have to keep things tidy with a regular light prune during the growing season next year.

Update 2. Border along the Bottom Green

What a difference!

What was a bit of an eyesore has been transformed, thanks to the efforts of Ann Bertram. The ground has been cleared and a layer of weed suppression fabric laid on top. Planted pots have been added and bulbs planted in the border between the path edging and the weed control fabric.

The next step is to cover the weed control fabric with something decorative.

We should have a really colourful display next year.

Ann’s been busy (with a bit of help from Frank). As you can see, the weed control fabric has been covered with artificial grass. The perfect home for the “bunny family”. We don’t mind them as they don’t dig holes in our greens! Looking really good Ann.

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