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All fixtures and competitions have been cancelled or suspended until further notice.

Fixtures for 2020

Club Competitions 2020

Rules for Club Competitions

The rules for all Club competitions, including guidance for Markers, can be found in the Fixtures book.

For a separate copy of the rules, download a pdf version here

These will be published once the entries are closed and the draws have been made.

Leagues and Cup Competitions


North Somerset Triples League, here
Wessex Ladies’ League, here
Fear Cup, here
Southey Trophy, here


Somerset Bowls League, North Divisions, here
Weston and District Over 60’s League, here
Turnbull Cup, here

For the draws and results of all the County competitions, including singles, pairs, triples and fours, click here.

Rules (V.11.0, 11/19) for the 2020 National and County competitions can be found here.

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