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Club Markers

Markers for Club competitions

Markers for Club singles competitions should be drawn from this list or another competent person used.

Name Name
Ben Benstead* Sylvia Noyes**
Frank Bertram ***/# Lesley Paterson***
Mike Butt** Martin Paterson***
Derek Cooper** Jane Sansam
Norma Counsell Gordon Sansam**
Ray Counsell Carol Smith**
Les Cox* Martin West
Sean Hopkins** Keith Wheeler
Graham Hopp Graham Wilkinson**
Joan McInally Jill Wilkinson
John McKenzie ## Dave Wynne*
Tony Morgan

* Has attended an internal Marker’s course
** Has attended an E.B.U.A. Marker’s course
*** E.B.U.A. Qualified Marker, Grade 2 (County Grade)
# Regional Umpire      ## National Umpire

If you are interested in becoming a marker and having your name added to the list, contact John McKenzie.

( Download guidance notes for markers in pdf format here)

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