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Rules for Club competitions - 2023

The rules for all Club competitions, including guidance for Markers, can also be found in the Fixtures book. For a separate copy of the these, download a pdf version.


are open to members who, prior to playing in the first round of a Competition, have been accepted as full members having:

  1. a) paid the current Club Subscription.
  2. b) paid the Competition fees.
  3. c) not entered any other clubs’ outdoor Competitions for the current year, other than Open Competitions.
  4. d) If for any reason at the start of the season, or during the season, a member finds that they will not be available for finals weekend they must not enter or, alternatively, must withdraw immediately from any Club competition.
  5. e) entries must be received no later than 2 weeks after paying in day.
  6. f) the draw for Competitions will be made by the appropriate Bowling Committee with a quorum of five members..

Specific Competition definitions are:


Cribb.    A handicapped singles competition open to all Lady members who have never won an outdoor singles competition at any Club.

Doris Payne.   A fixed jack competition played on a fixed date, 16 ends.

Vi Drew.    A fixed date two wood singles competition.

Phyl Hammon Rose Bowl. Three bowls, 15 ends.


Veteran.    Full member over 65 years of age at the start of the season.

Novices.    Open to any man who has not won an outdoor singles competition at any club.

Don Stanton.     Fixed jack, fixed date competition, three games of 16 ends.


President’s Trophy.     Open Competition for both men and ladies – no handicap, 21 shots.

Other Games:

Singles.    All games are played with four bowls, the first player to reach 21 shots being the winner.

The exceptions to this are:

Ladies’ and Men’s Two Woods which are 21 ends

Men’s Handicap and Ladies’ Cribb: The player with the lower handicap must score 21 points to win, and the player with the higher handicap must reach 21 points, plus the difference between the two handicaps.

Pairs/Triples: The competitions are as follows.

Ladies’ and Men’s Pairs:     21 ends, four bowls

Mixed Pairs:     21 ends, three bowls handicapped*

*Calculate the handicap by adding the two handicaps and dividing by two if there is a ½ go to the lowest number (i.e. 7 + 2 = 9, ÷ 2 = 4½=4). The difference in the handicap of the players is added after the first end to the score of the players with the lower handicap.

All Triples:    18 ends, three bowls

Note: If the scores in any game are equal after the allotted ends have been played, then an extra end is played to decide the game.


Neither player may visit the head until both have one bowl left to play.

Pairs, Triples and Fours
Only the Skips may visit the head and only when they have one bowl left to play. In a fours game playing threes-up is optional.


Competitions will be drawn by the Bowling Committees. Decisions by the Committees will be final. Handicaps will be decided by the relevant full Bowling Committees and be reviewed each season.


Will be decided by each Competition Secretary. All games in the round should be completed by this date. Competitions will start from the beginning of the bowling season as from the date of the draws.

The Competition Secretaries will also arrange fixed dates for the playing of their Triples competitions. Members may play their Triples competition on the Club Monday Umbrella evenings.


Will be the responsibility of the first-named person or team representative, but it is expected that both opponents will make an early approach to discuss the game.

The first-named person/team should:

  1. a) Give opponent(s) TWO reasonable dates and the play by date. Sundays are by mutual agreement.
  2. b) Book a rink.
  3. c) If required, arrange for a Marker from the Club’s list of Markers, or another competent
  4. d) Provide score cards and prepare the rink, including score boards.

A game will be forfeited if a player arrives late by 15 minutes or more.


to submit score card, signed by both players/skips, to Competition Secretary’s box.


In the case of illness, a substitute of equal or lower handicap will be allowed in the Pairs and Triples Competitions up to, but not including, the Semi-Finals, by arrangement with the Competition Secretaries.

Reserve List: Players who have not entered the Competitions but would be willing to make themselves available as a substitute are asked to put their names on the Reserve List. In the event of a substitute not being available, the game must be conceded.


Will not be allowed except in cases of illness, the severity of which is preventing a player from playing in the game. Extensions would also be considered in cases of family bereavement or other exceptional circumstances. Decisions to be made by the relevant Competition Secretary. Extensions will be of up to one week maximum.


Due to weather conditions etc. In the event of players being unable to play a Competition due to the closure of the greens, and there being no opportunity to rearrange the game by the play by date, two days extension will be given. After that, the game will be decided by the toss of a coin.


When any game is stopped by mutual agreement of the players, by the Controlling Body or by the Umpire (after an appeal to him/her), because of darkness, weather conditions or any other valid reason, it shall be resumed with the scores as they were when the game stopped. An end commenced but not completed shall be declared dead. When a game is stopped, the card(s) should be signed by both players or skips indicating the reason for the stoppage and placed in the Competition Secretary’s box.


Any dispute concerning a competition, is to be submitted in writing to the relevant Competition Secretary, within three days of the incident, , who will then decide on any action to be taken. Those involved will not take part in any further Club competitions until a decision has been made.


To be played over two days.


The current World Bowls Laws of the Sport (including Bowls England Domestic Regulations) will apply.


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