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Answers to Bowls brain teasers – 5

A couple of short questions for Bowls Brain Teaser number 5, but the answers might not be as short. Again, these are questions that have been raised by members in the past.

1 - Scorecard

In a team game, i.e. not a singles game, who is responsible for the scorecard?

Laws of the Sport, Crystal Mark 3.1, state that

“The Skip must be responsible for the scorecard supplied by the Controlling Body while play is in progress.”

But this is one of the areas where the Member National Authorities (in our case Bowls England) can issue their own Domestic Regulations. Bowls England Domestic Regulations state that Skips can transfer the responsibility for keeping the scorecard to another member of the team. However, the Skips of both teams must ensure that the duty is transferred to players in the same playing position, i.e. both leads, twos or threes. If the Skips cannot agree on who should keep the card, then both Skips MUST keep the scorecard.

2 - Date stamp

What is the date stamp on a bowl and how do you know if your bowls are OK?

All bowls used for competitions must carry a valid date stamp to indicate that they have been tested and meet the required standards. To begin with, testing and stamping was carried out nationally but from 1987 onwards there has been a world-wide standard. Early stamps took various forms but they all carried similar information.

The current stamp is shown on the illustration.

                WB indicates that it is the World Bowls stamp

                R indicates that it is a registered trade-mark

                X, or another letter, indicates the tester

                The number indicates the expiry date, after which the bowl should be retested.

For England, Bowls England have issued a domestic regulation which allows any bowls with an expiry date of 1985 or later to be used in domestic competitions. However, any competitors reaching the final stages of National competitions or National Championships must have bowls in line with current Laws of the Sport which requires an expiry date of the current year or later. For older bowls this means that they must be re-tested.

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