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Arthur awarded Life Membership

At our 2022 A.G.M., held on 27th November, Arthur Wilmot was awarded Life Membership. Below is the announcement of the award by out-going Club Chair, Jane Sansam. Her words sum-up Arthur perfectly.

“I am delighted to have the honour to announce a new Life Member.

For over 20 years, this person has contributed to the Club in many, many ways. He was an extremely important part of the set-up and when I tell you he ran the bar for over 10 years – you fully understand why I said important.

When he joined the club, he was told that he would probably have to play lead for at least 10 years. But he enjoyed it so much that after 20+ years he can put away his woods safe in the knowledge he is still, without doubt, the best lead bowler at Ashcombe Park.

One of the club’s quieter members, a major force in bowling.

A true gentleman – Arthur Wilmot”

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