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2023 Fixtures – update

Calendar and pencil

This year’s tables have an added feature. Go to the Fixtures tab on the menu bar. The page will open with a sub-menu for the individual months. Select the month that you want then scroll down to the bottom of the table. There you will see a row of empty cells. These allow you to filter the table.

For example, if you wanted to see only the Ladies’ fixtures for the month enter L in the cell at the bottom of the “Type” column, then hit return. The table will then only show the Ladies’ fixtures. If you wanted to see the Crusaders’ fixtures, enter Crusader in cell at the bottom of the “Fixture” column.

When you’ve finished, go to the top of the table and click on “Clear Filters” to return to the full table.

Due to the size of the tables, and not wanting to reduce the font to an unreadable size, on phones and some tablets it will be necessary to side swipe to read across the table.

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